Raise money for ILCS and save money on everyday purchases! Shop with Scrip allows families to do both of these things while purchasing items such as gas, groceries, and clothing. Retailers offer a rebate percentage; 55 percent of this rebate goes to ILCS and 45 percent is refunded to purchasers at the end of the school year. Email Megan Watson at mwatson619@yahoo.com with questions. 

To see a list of retailers and sign up, go to shopwithscrip.com and use the Enrollment Code 96A591B555773. Signing up for PrestoPay allows purchasers to receive gift cards immediately and with no need to write and drop off a check.




Order physical gift cards on the school order days. ScripNow e-cards can be purchased and printed right from home any time. They can also be accessed electronically on Smartphones using MyScripWallet. Add to existing cards purchased through Shop with Scrip using ReloadNow without waiting for a new card.


Scheduled Order Dates for Physical Cards / Orders Paying by Check*

Summer due dates are Jun. 18 and Jul. 23!


**Checks must be delivered to the school office by 3:15 on the order date for the order to processed.






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