November 23, 2021 Kristi Farnum

09.03.2021 Principal's Corner

09.03.2021 Principal's Corner

Every day at Immanuel is filled with learning and faith formation. Here is just a peek at what our students experienced this past week.

Our youngest students had their first preschool chapel service, and they learned about rejoicing in all circumstances. They love to share about themselves, and their singing is always a joy to hear.

Our oldest students did a great job assisting with our K-8 chapel service this week, where we also learned about rejoicing in all circumstances. Our 8th graders chose the songs and helped lead in singing them. They also did a skit to introduce Pastor Kennaugh's message, acolyted, and read Scripture.

We had the first of our safety drills this week and learned what to do if an intruder were to come onto our campus. Depending on the situation, we run, hide, or fight. Over the next couple of weeks we will continue to practice law enforcement, fire, and tornado drills.

Lastly, our middle school students were learning whether to say ¿Dónde está? or ¿Dónde están? Señora Hrsak had a carpet shaped like a house so that students could point to either one item or more than one item while they answered her questions, and her prop made the lesson very engaging.