November 23, 2021 Immanuel Lutheran School

09.24.21 Principal's Corner

09.24.21 Principal's Corner

I was able to join the 6th grade class last week on their outdoor education trip to Walcamp. We canoed, hiked, and explored nature for three days, and we grew in our relationship with our God. We also had a very fun day making new friends with the 6th graders from St. John's Chicago, our sister school through the Stirred to Love program.

We were blessed to have Dan Green, the principal from St. John's Chicago, visit Immanuel this week and share a chapel message. During chapel we sang about God's amazing creation, and Pastor Kennaugh led us in singing The Butterfly Song. The children's singing was Spirit-filled and joyful, and they thought it was fun to see Pastor Kennaugh hop like a kangaroo and play the guitar at the same time.

I always enjoy visiting our classrooms and peeking in to see what our students are learning. Today our 4th graders were painting with spinach--yes, spinach! The chlorophyll in the leaves worked great as green watercolor paint.

Tomorrow we are hosting our JV volleyball tournament. Next week Tuesday we will host our cross country meet at Marmion. Friday is our PTL Walkathon. Next weekend Sunday School starts again. There is information about all of this and more in this edition of Eagle Info. I hope you will read through and learn more about the many opportunities we have for connecting with God and each other.