November 23, 2021 Kristi Farnum

10.08.21 Principal's Corner

10.08.21 Principal's Corner

Our Walkathon last Friday was a great success. God blessed us with beautiful weather and many wonderful volunteers. Our older students walked with our younger ones, which was a positive experience for both groups, and the Walkathon as a whole was a time of fun and fellowship for everyone who participated. Fundraising totals and prize winners will be announced very soon.

It is so good to get back to doing many of the things we weren't able to do last school year! For example, on Monday grades 5 - 8 will be participating in Elective Day. This is an opportunity for teachers and other adults in our congregation and community to share their time and talents with our students while introducing them to a variety of educational experiences that they do not receive within our regular classroom curriculum--playing the ukulele, cooking, golfing, glass etching, fairy gardening, cake decorating, acting, paper making, creating a stained glass project, studying software and computer design, and exploring astronomy. It will be another great day of fun, fellowship, and learning.

Another tradition that we are returning to this year is our celebration of baptismal birthdays in chapel. Last year baptismal birthdays were celebrated in the classroom. This year we are celebrating together with the rest of the school in chapel on the first Wednesday of the month, and children who have a baptismal birthday in that month receive a shell with the word REJOICE on it as a remembrance of the special day that they were welcomed into God's family. Students were so genuinely excited for each other this past Wednesday as they were called up to the front of the church to receive their shell. It was so joyful and Spirit-filled!

As Lutherans, we believe that that the Bible teaches us that we are saved by God’s grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus was baptized and tells us to baptized others, which is done with water and the Word of God. It is a means of grace through which God creates and/or strengthens the gift of faith in a person’s heart. Pastor Davis and Pastor Kennaugh would be more than happy to talk to anyone wanting to learn more about baptism. Please contact the church office at if you are interested.