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Children's value systems influence behaviors and attitudes and effect their decisions and relationships. In order for values to become integrated into their personalities, children must act on them and their behaviors must reflect them.

Parents are their children's first teachers and character development begins and is fostered in the home. Strong relationships among parents, faculty, and staff enable Immanuel to reinforce and encourage positivie character development.

Students at Immanuel, beginning in preschool, witness daily modeling of Christian behavior by faculty and staff. They are encouraged and rewarded for demonstrating this behavior in many ways, including the Kindness Tree and the Christian Character awards earned by student athletes during each sports season. Requirements for recipients include demonstrating Christian care for teammates and opponents, Christian leadership skills, and good sportsmanship. While the phrase "good sportsmanship" is at risk of becoming trite, it's importance lies in the way it builds teamwork and character, as well as the way it teaches respect, honor, discipline, kindness, inclusion, resilience, and perseverance. 

Positive Discipline Discipline at Immanuel is Christian discipline, which is administered in a spirit of guiding children toward the achievement of behavior controls that have the good of the child uppermost in mind. These would include treating all people with mutual respect and Christian love, respecting and caring for one’s own property, respecting and caring for the property of others, and using healthy and safe choices at all times. Whatever a teacher does, even in the matter of discipline, is done in a spirit of love for the Lord Jesus and love for the child.

Service to Others Students at Immanuel integrate these principles into their behavior through monthly chapel offering focuses that include local charities and faith-based organizations. As well, each classroom engages in works of service through age-appropriate efforts that benefit those who are ill or are otherwise home-bound, monthly visits to local senior living facilities for musical performances and board game sessions, and monthly bake sales to benefit Water for Sundan charity that digs wells for families suffering from lack of clean drinking water, to name just a few.