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Immanuel's Christian faculty, weekly chapel services, and daily religion classes explore biblical themes as related to these studies, but also weave our faith throughout the rest of the curriculum.

Beloved Bible stories are woven throughout the integrated preschool curriculum, which enables even these young students to become aware of God's daily presence in their lives and how He cares for us through our families, friends, and community helpers. They are excited to make the connection between their experiences and what they hear from God's word. These young children are excited to actively share not only their love, but God's love, with everyone they encounter.

Daily religion classes provide elementary students with more in-depth study of biblical principles and God's messages to His people contained within both Old and New Testament writings. They are encouraged to apply these important lessons to their own lives through strategies supplied within the curriculum, and more impactfully, by their experiences with Immanuel's Christian faculty and staff.

Middle school students dive deeper in God's word and work through the practicalities of applying these lessons to their daily lives. All students at all levels are encouraged to share God Sightings that exemplify God at work in their lives, but these connections are especially important for tweens, whose fluid personal identities are beginning to take shape.