Funding Your Child's Education

Funding Your Child's Education

Immanuel is committed to graduating students who are prepared academically, physically,

emotionally, and spiritually for the next level of their education.



Tuition Assistance

Immanuel is sensitive to the fact that sudden and unforeseen circumstances can change and for that reason a tuition assistance policy is in place. Immanuel annually allocates budgeted funds for currently enrolled families in time of need. Tuition assistance is not available during the first year of enrollment. Financial assistance is submitted, reviewed, and approved annually.


2020-2021 Academic Year

Tuition at Immanuel covers educational expenses including books, most field education experiences, in-school speakers and use of technology in the classroom. Additional costs include physical education uniforms, yearbooks, and sports fees.


Two Half-Days Preschool, $1,263

This class meets Tue. and Thu. from 8:45–11:15 AM [PS3.2]. Information about our early childhood program can be found here.


Three Half-Days Preschool, $1,894

These classes meet Mon., Wed., and Fri., 8:45–11:15 AM [PS3.3] and Mon.-Wed., 12:30-3 PM [PS4.3]. Information about our early childhood program can be found here.


Four Half-Day Preschool, $2,526

This class meets Mon., Tue., Thu., and Fri., 8:45-11:15 AM [PS4.4]. Information about our early childhood program can be found here.


Five Half-Day Preschool, $3,157

This class [PS4.5] meets Mon.-Fri., 8:45-11:15 AM. More information about early childhood program can be found here.


Preschool PM Enrichment, $631 APD

This class is offered each afternoon, 11:15-3:15 PM. Parents may select one or more afternoons on the weekdays of their choice. Annual tuition is based on number of weekdays selected. Information about our early childhood program can be found here.


Half-Day Kindergarten, $3,568

Morning Kindergarten meets Mon.-Fri., 8:30-11:30 AM. Information about our Kindergarten program can be found here.


KindergartenALL, $5,427

KindergartenALL meets Mon.-Fri., 8:30-3:15 PM. More information about our Kindergarten program can be found here.


Grades 1-3, $5,427

Elementary classes meet Mon.-Fri., 8:30 AM–3:15 PM. More information about our elementary program can be found here.


Grades 4-8, $5,699

Elementary classes meet Mon.-Fri., 8:30 AM–3:15 PM. Middle school classes [Grades 6-8] meet Mon.-Fri., 8:07-3:15 PM. More information about our elementary program can be found here. More information about our middle school program can be found here.


AM Extended Care, $6 per hour

PM Extended Care, $6 per hour

It is our intention to offer as flexible and cost effective Extended Care program. Before school care begins at 7 AM. and after school care is available from 3:15-6 PM. More information about our Extended Care program can be found here.



Payment Plans

Tuition payments at Immanuel are managed by FACTS. Each family is mailed an Initial Invoice Statement that lists total tuition and fee balance due to the school for the upcoming school year. You will also recieve instructions for how to pay tuition in full or enroll in a payment plan. Families may pay in full [due Jul.] or make eleven monthly payments [due Jul.-May]. To learn more about FACTS, click the image below.