Covid-19 School Guidelines

Covid-19 School Guidelines

For the health and safety of our students, our staff will continue with layers of preventative measures to protect

our Immanuel community. Our strategies may change as the situation in our community changes,

especially with regard to any mandates required of us, infection rates, and any other related factors.



In general, Immanuel will only be offering in-person learning. Remote learning will only be available to students who are required to quarantine due to COVID or for extended medical absences that are documented in writing as necessary by one’s doctor. Remote learning will be synchronous in these situations.

Governor Pritzker has mandate universal masking of all students, staff, and visitors while indoors regardless of vaccination status. We are following this mandate.

Students will be required to stay home when sick with a fever of 100.4 or higher or when experiencing other symptoms of COVID or any other contagious illness or condition. Everyone was amazingly supportive in this regard last year, and we ask for the same level of consideration and cooperation this year.

We will be frequently disinfecting high-contact surfaces and maintaining a 3-foot physical distance. Frequent hand washing will be part of our daily routines.

Students will be allowed to share sports and playground equipment. Students will use their own pencils, crayons, and other learning tools. Preschool classrooms will include learning centers.

We will begin the year sharing spaces such as the middle school classrooms, the sanctuary during chapel, and the fellowship hall at lunchtime. Students will be grouped by class and distanced by at least 3 feet.

We will participate in contact tracing as required by IDPH. All teachers will have assigned seating for their students so that contact tracing and targeted quarantining will be possible.

Students will have individual lockers, side by side rather than every other one as was done last year.

Our locker rooms will be used for sports and PE classes. Students in grades 5 – 8 will change into uniform t-shirts for PE. We will not start the year with students changing into uniform shorts for PE. This may change as the year progresses. Information about ordering PE uniforms will be sent out soon in a separate email.

We anticipate regular fall sports seasons. More information regarding fall sports will be forthcoming from our athletic director, Matt Cassidy.

Weather permitting, outdoor space will be used for PE and other classes when appropriate, and windows and doors will be open whenever possible to help circulate fresh air.

Morning drop-off for all grades will be through the main school entrance. We will not be taking temperatures or symptom checking. Students who arrive prior to the start time for their class will go to morning care and will be charged accordingly. Midday and afternoon dismissal will be handled in the same way as it was last year, with students remaining in their classrooms and being called by family as cars pull forward in the car line. As a reminder, morning care is available beginning at 7:00 a.m., and extended car is available until 5:30 p.m. The rate is $6.60 per hour.

Visitors and volunteers will be welcomed into our building this year. They will be expected to fully follow all of the above protocols.

Any unkind comments or mistreatment of individuals in relation to any of these protocols will be dealt with according to the behavioral policies set forth in Immanuel’s Student and Family Handbook.