What Immanuel Means to Me

Our students answer the question,

"What Does Immanuel Mean to Me?"


"It means being loved. I came to Immanuel in fourth grade and for those two years I have been here I have felt cared every day. I have felt much more than cared though. I have been educated very well at Immanuel. I also have great coaches, they taught me how to do the fundamentals, but also they taught me how to play for the glory of God."

--J. T., Grade 5


"What it means to me it makes me feel warm inside and makes me learn alot at this asome [sic] school."

--Ryan, Grade 4


"Immanuel means to me Jesus. Jesus means love, safety, and hope."

--Sean, Grade 5





"It means everything. At my old school they didn't teach about God so I didn't know much. But when I came here I learned everything and I have good friends and really cool princable [sic] and amazing teachers. I'm glad my parents send me here. This is an awesome and amazing school."

--Kaelyn, Grade 4


"Immanuel is caring and kind. They always plan fun stuff. They always make you feel special."

--Karinna, Grade 5


"Immanuel is like family to me because church, chapel, and all of the fun activites we do. All of the teachers are kind, caring, and helpful. I love all of the things we do, like learning about God, and making new friends every year! I love Immanuel because of all of the great things they have done."

--Rebekah, Grade 4