Middle School

Middle School

Research shows that the family setting for middle school students imparts a sense of security,


which provides space in which these students learn and thrive. Challenging and rigorous curriculum offers 


opportunities for mastery and advancement to high school or prep school,


and then universities and military academies.




Immanuel's Christian faculty, weekly chapel services, and daily religion classes explore biblical themes as related to these studies, but also weave our faith throughout the rest of the curriculum.


Our leveled reading curriculum is designed to meet each student’s unique needs by providing the very specific instruction each reader needs to move forward. Once the instructional levels of the students are determined, small groups of readers who are similar enough that teachers can begin lessons at a particular are formed.


Our middle school mathematics curriculum meets or exceeds proscribed national standards and includes algebra in Grade 8. Graduates typically test into high school honors algebra and honors geometry. 


The language arts include reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and visual representation, all of which are highly related to one another. At Immanuel, our language arts curriculum also includes handwriting, which has been abandoned in many other school settings.


Next Generation Science Standards are based on the Framework for K–12 Science Education developed by the National Research Council. Each NGSS standard includes three dimensions: disciplinary core ideas [content], scientific and engineering practices, and cross-cutting concepts. Immanuel's Next  Generation science curriculum provides for breadth and depth of topic exploration; in addition to computer and STEM labs, robotics, programming, and integrated learning. Our technology enriched classrooms include desk top computers and  Chromebooks.


Our middle school Spanish curriculum provides the opportunity for graduates to test into second year high school Spanish classes.


In addition to weekly art and music classes and choirs in K-8, band and [Grades 4-8] and orchestra [Grades 2-8], which include individual lessons and group participation, are offered. Piano lessons  are offered for students in K-Grade 2.


Daily recess breaks and physical education classes increase student physical activity levels, improve memory, attention, and concentration, and help students stay on-task in the classroom.


Immanuel offers a theater program for K-8. Our previous productions include Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jr., The Lion King, Jr., Willy Wonka, Jr., and coming in spring 2020, The Little Mermaid, Jr.


Classroom, all-school, and all-Immanuel service projects include Feed My Starving Children, the Northern Illinois Food Bank, Operation Christmas Child, and Water to Thrive. These service opportunities are in addition to monthly chapel offerings that are sent to ministries outside of Immanuel.


An on-site library and catered hot lunch program enhance the learning environment by providing nutritionally complete hot meals and access to an expanded research materials and books students may check out for personal enjoyment.


Immanuel's Special Needs Coordinator provides for educational needs resources including intervention, speech and cognitive therapies. Consultation with a psychologist is also available.