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The Family Mentor Program helps introduce new parents and students to Immanuel Lutheran School. The program is intended to give each incoming family a point of contact for questions and information to make them as comfortable and knowledgeable as possible as they transition to a new school. To help make your experience of transitioning to Immanuel as smooth as possible, you will be contacted by an existing family, or Mentor Family, who can answer your general questions. There are families who have been at Immanuel for a few years, which means they have been here long enough to become familiar, but still remember those first-year uncertainties. They are willing to share their knowledge and make new parents and their children feel welcome. Mentor families are asked to call new families on a regular basis to touch base, answer questions that arise, and invite you to attend our school events throughout the year. You might make new, lifelong friends, and of course, you will share in the warmth of the Immanuel family. If you have questions regarding our new Family Mentor Program, please contact the school office at or call 630.406.0157.