Testimonials from current students are available here.

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"Dear Mrs. McFarland,

Since this is Teacher Appreciation Week, I am writing to one of the teachers who made a huge impact on my life--you.

You're the teacher who taught me how to love math. I'd always struggled with focusing during math, so I never learned much and I always felt like I was falling behind. But in seventh grade you helped me catch back up and feel like I could excel. You really gave me the skills and motivation I needed to tackle tough stuff that used to intimidate me. 

Math is one of my favorite subjects now and, honestly, I think it's so much fun. I'm planning on studying engineering in college and I'm really excited to take calculus next year, too. Thank you so much for inspiring me."

--Kayla, Graduating Class of 2014



Dear Mrs. Suydam,

"Oh my gosh! What an amazing surprise! Last night, when I opened this, I started crying the moment I saw your name pop up on my screen. I have told my students stories about you and being in your classroom so many times. They ask about who my favorite teacher was, or why I decided to become a teacher and my answer is always, “Mrs. Suydam.”

"I just showed them this, without giving them any context, and when you explained who you were, they absolutely lost their minds! They loved it!

"I miss you so much and find myself wishing I could be back in your classroom on hard days. You changed my life and outlook on education. So much so, that it put me exactly where I am right now. You are the biggest reason I chose to become a teacher.

"Thank you so much for doing this and for being the teacher that changed my life 14 years ago. I’m so lucky and grateful for you!



Former student, current teacher




“Immanuel provided [my daughter] with an excellent education that prepared her for the academic rigors of high school. Most importantly, I am grateful that Immanuel gave her a strong basis for her faith."

--Parent of recent ILS graduate



"Teachers and Students of ILS, 

Thank you so much for the prayers, thoughts, cards, and notes you sent my way while I'm deployed! It was very considerate and a huge surprise! I shared some of the cards with the rest of our squadron as well, and they all appreciated it. There are definitely some aspiring artists at Immanuel right now. 

I flew this American flag in my cockpit on a combat mission a few days ago, and I wanted to send it to you all to say thanks for taking the time at the beginning of a busy school year to send prayers and well­wishes my way. It really does mean a lot to us. 

I remember all my 12 years at Immanuel very fondly, from Wednesday morning chapel (and getting in trouble for wearing my Cardinals hat inside!), struggling to learn cursive, and playing on some of our first basketball teams, to watching the events of September 11 unfold in Mrs. lteen's fifth grade classroom.

Immanuel is an amazing place to strengthen the foundation of your faith, discover new things about the world around you, and make friends to last a lifetime. It gave me the faith, skills, and knowledge I needed to be successful in all my endeavors since then. I can never be thankful enough that God gave me the opportunity to grow up there. Study hard, and make the most of your time at Immanuel!" 

--Capt. Sam Harms, US Air Force

US Air Force Academy Class of 2013

ILS Graduating Class of 2005