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Research overwhelmingly supports the concept that study and participation in the fine arts is key to improving learning throughout all academic areas. Evidence of its effectiveness in developing better team players, fostering a love for learning, improving greater student dignity, enhancing student creativity, and producing a more prepared citizen has been documented.

Ballet Stories At the preschool level there is a Ballet Stories program that is offered to our students after the morning preschool classes one day a week for 45 minutes. There are two sessions during the school year, Oct.-Dec. and Jan.-Mar. A local dance studio, A Step Above Dance Academy, comes in and does rhythm and movement activities with the participants using ballet terms.

Band Band lessons are offered to students in Grades 4-8 through Band for Today, a privately contracted company. The band hosts two concerts each school year and band members have the option to participate in a solo competition in the spring.

Choirs All students are part of a choir at Immanuel and share their songs of praise in worship services at Immanuel Lutheran Church that occur during the school year. They are highlighted at the family event, Christmas Journey [preschoolers] and the school's Christmas worship service [Kindergarten-Grade 8].

Musical Productions In addition to the annual K-8 school Christmas worship service, all students participate in a variety of ways in the school's annual musical production. They may try out for lead roles or they are part of the full chorus that supports the production. They may also participate in tech crews or in Communications Club to provide marketing support.

Orchestra Orchestra Immanuel offers lessons during the school day with a privately contracted orchestra instructor. This is available for students in Grades 2-8. The orchestra performs two concerts each school year, they play at chapel services, host a mini-concert for preschoolers during Lutheran Schools Week, and provide music for our Children’s Christmas Service. The students also have the option of participating in a solo competition in the spring

Visual Arts Visual arts are taught in each classroom through all grade levels. Younger students create a study piece of work based on the work of a well known artist, while older students begin to delve into the process and structure of various visual art forms.